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Handheld XRF Analyzer Software

Handheld XRF PDA Image


The Skyray XRF Pocket-III comes standard with a removable HP iPAQ PDA Computer for data collection, storage and review.  With data transfer technology, results can be sent to a desktop computer for long-term storage and report generation in Microsoft Word and Excel.  With simple, clear software screens a user can select the analysis mode and options then screen the sample to quickly obtain a spectrum and results.  The PDA offers full color and simple use.

Software options are available for organizations using the Pocket-III from Skyray XRF for hazardous substance detection, steel grade/alloy identification and other applications.  Below is an overview but its 'old school' - click here for a 'new school' Youtube video of the handheld x-ray fluorescence analyzer.


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Handheld XRF Screen Shots