EDX-6000B: automatic sample changer, best resolution detection system


Skyray XRF Sample Changer InstrumentThe Skyray XRF EDX6000B is a top performing analyzer that features the newest detection system (UHRD) for the best resolution possible and also offers users an automatic sample changer that will limit the time spent changing samples - a truly great investment.


Sample Changer: limit the amount of time spent working around the x-ray fluorescence instrument.  Ten samples can be placed in the automatic turret system and the user can walk away while accurate results are taken. (read the blog-entry on the sample changer here)

UHRD Detection System:  the newest development in XRF Detection Systems is only available from Skyray XRF and is currently only featured in this instrument.  The UHRD provides the best resolution possible (125eV to 135eV) without requiring the hassle of liquid nitrogen (LN2) for cooling.


Widest Elemental Range: Sodium (Na) to Uranium (U)
- Vacuum Chamber; for light elements analysis
        * the unique system configuration and detection systems provides the largest range for multiple applications
- Turret Stage: automatic ten  sample changer
        * limits time; insert samples, program unit and walk away
        * read the xrf-blog entry about the turret stage here
        * the changer is removable; for when you don't have ten samples or when you have larger ones
- X-Ray Tube: Long lasting oil/air cooled, hi-energy x-ray tube assembly 50 to 1000ma
- Ultra-High Resolution Detector (UHRD)
        * the newest detector technology for the most precise results
        * low resolution of 125eV to 135eV for increased sensitivity
- Signal-To-Noise-Enhancer (SNE) for micro detection
- Automatic collimators and filters
- High Resolution Color Camera System; for sample viewing and report images
- Computer System Included; comes with simple set-up (one USB cable) and various software packages

Sample Changer Close-Up Image
- Measurements of liquids, solids or powders are quickly attainable
- Range of elements from Sodium (Na) to Uranium (U)
- Reads under the parts-per-million (ppm) levels required by hazardous substance regulations (RoHS, etc)
- Detection limits down to single digit ppm and concentration identification as high as 99%
- Measurement Time: varies for user, from 40 to 300 seconds per sample

The EDX6000B will be the XRF of choice for many analytical laboratories 
    because of its range of capabilities, elements and turret stage

The system will also be popular with refiners and companies that require precious metal detection
    the instruments high end detection system will provide accurate results; as close to fire assay as possible
    turret stage will save time for the user; for a faster return on investment than other XRF analyzers

Contact Skyray XRF to discuss your application and the EDX6000B or other instruments to solve your testing needs