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Handheld XRF Rental Program from Skyray XRF

Skyray XRF offers our Handheld XRF Analyzer (Pocket-III) in a variety of rental programs. 

Standard rental plans
for our Handheld XRF (Pocket-III) are offered for weekly and monthly testing needs and are a popular solution for CPSIA screening.  Skyray XRF provides full credit (100%) of these rental fees towards the purchase price.

View the Skyray XRF handheld system in action!
Long-Term Rentals: If you aren’t considering a purchase but require a unit for longer than one month, contact us to discuss long-term rental plans; we have provided six-month and twelve-month rental plans in the past and can customize long-term rentals to meet your needs.
Non-Profit Discounts: Skyray XRF offers a non-profit discount on rental plans for organizations that are performing hazardous substance screening for CPSIA compliance.
Benefits of Renting an XRF…
Full Credit of Rentals: Skyray XRF offers 100% credit of rental fees towards the purchase price – a great way to ‘try before you buy’
Non-Profit Discounts: for organizations that require CPSIA screening
Customized Rentals: in addition to standard weekly and monthly rentals, Skyray XRF can offer customized long-term plans
Short Term Testing Solution: an economic solution for companies affected by CPSIA that only need to test their current inventory
While rental plans were originally designed for companies that had only a short-term testing need, they have been received as a way for organizations to ‘try before they buy’. Since Skyray XRF offers full credit of rentals (both new and used); companies often rent so that they can use the instrument in their processes and when they realize the benefits XRF technology offers they can make the full financial investment in the system (without any additional costs due to the rental).
Payment Plans are available if you decide to keep the XRF; learn more here
Benefits of Handheld XRF from Skyray XRF…
-  Easy-Use-Software: our software package is one of the easiest to navigate, making this a popular option for CPSIA Testing
No Limitations: at four pounds the handheld system can test anything anywhere; no limit to a samples size, shape or location.
Fast and Real-Time: quick results from 20-200 seconds, seen immediately on the PDA
Low-Cost: the lowest cost system available with these detection limits, both new and used offered

Contact Skyray XRF to learn more about the Handheld XRF Rental Programs