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Rental Program for Handheld XRF Analyzers

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jeff Henseler / Marketing Manager
Ph: 716-201-1118
Em: sales@skyrayxrf.com

Handheld XRF Rental Programs Offered by Skyray XRF

CPSIA Testing with Handheld XRFSince its release in January of 2009, many organizations have chosen the low-cost Pocket-III (Handheld XRF Analyzer) from Skyray XRF to meet their application needs.  From detecting lead content in apparel per CPSIA regulations to detecting precious metals in Africa - the unit has proven itself as a high-performing testing option.

However, many organizations don't have the budgets or long-term testing need to justify the purchase of an analyzer.  For those organizations, Skyray XRF is now offering its Handheld XRF Analyzer through a convenient, low-cost, rental program.

Field Testing wtih XRFAvailable rental periods include weekly and monthly time-frames for companies that only need a unit for a limited period of time; however, rental periods longer than one month are available.  Also, renters have the option to credit a portion of the rental cost towards the purchase price; allowing companies the opportunity to realize the value in-house analyzers can provide before making a full financial commitment.

The rental systems come with the software specific to a users need and because the Skyray XRF software is simple to utilize; the training typically takes about an hour and a company can be ready to put the portable system to use.  Included with rentals are the two battery packs, carrying case, PDA with data transfer capabilities and the full support of an Application Specialist for each user.

For information or pricing on the Skyray XRF Rental Programs; please contact our sales team.