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New XRF Payment Plans Offered

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Contact: Jeff Henseler / Marketing Mgr.
Phone: 716-201-1118


 Skyray XRF Offers Budget Control Payment Plans

Seaford, DE - Skyray XRF has teamed up with several banks and financial companies to offer a variety of payment plan options on x-ray fluorescence equipment.  While Skyray XRF already offers a low-cost option for non-destructive XRF units, we understand it is still a major investment and offer payment plans as a service to customers.  These recently developed payment plan options are available for customers in Canada and the United States.


Plans are developed so that a budget-minded organization can utilize the Skyray XRF instrument to generate business and limit the instrument costs.  One plan doesn't even require a deposit!  The appropriately named "No Money Down" plan requires no up-front money and limits monthly costs to $99 for the first six months.


Perhaps you are a start-up company, working on a limited budget or need to start proving in-house hazardous substance compliance.  If you realize the need for, and benefits of, XRF Technology for your organization but have to limit up-front costs; these payment plans are an excellent option.  For additional information contact Jeff at 716-201-1118 or visit our website page: http://www.skyrayxrf.com/xrf-payment-plan.php