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XRF Payment Plan Options

Skyray XRF offers a low-cost option for x-ray fluorescence (XRF) instruments. 
However, we realize that no matter how low an instrument costs it is still a major investment for an organization.  In order to better serve our customers Skyray XRF has teamed up with several banks and financial companies to offer a variety of convenient payment plan options at the best rates.  A variety of plans are available to customers throughout the United States and Canada.

Below are a few payment plan options, please contact Skyray XRF if you are interested in discussing the plan that fits your needs most appropriately.





Advantages of lease-purchasing through Skyray XRF:

            Tax Benefits
            Flexible Terms
            Save your Cash Reserves
Have you found the best XRF System for your needs with Skyray XRF? 
Now, find the best payment option for your needs and begin adding value to your organization.  
Contact Skyray XRF for more details on payment plan options!