Isotope vs X-ray Tube Based Handheld Analyzers

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Friday, May 21, 2010

With the EPA regulation on lead in paint taking effect; Skyray XRF Sales Associates have received a number of calls from people that are reviewing their lead testing options.  Skyray XRF offers our Handheld XRF Analyzer, the Pocket-III.  Many of the people we speak with note that they have received a slightly lower quotation on other analyzers...but when that quote is discussed it ends up being an isotope based technology as opposed to our x-ray tube based system; which ours are.

Handheld XRF AnalyzerIsotope based systems do have some benefits including a slightly lower up front cost.  However, x-ray tube based technology is what we at Skyray XRF prefer to work with because of the benefits that it offers including, from a performance stand point, x-ray tube systems provide the same power throughout the life of the equipment.

An associate recently made me aware of another major benefit (a time and cost savings one) that x-ray tube technology offers.  Both isotope and x-ray tube based systems typically need to be licensed with the State that it will be used in.  My associate noted one State that and that the benefits of licensing an x-ray tube based unit is two fold over licensing an isotope based system.

          State licensing benefits of x-ray tube based units:
1. TIME SAVINGS - the licensing process for x-ray tube is much less stringent because it is a 'safer' technology

2. YEARLY COST SAVINGS- for the State that my associate referred to the yearly licensing fee for isotope units was $1,000 (per isotope) .   Compare that to the State's cost for an x-ray tube based system ($190 per year) and an end-user in that State that uses a Pocket-III from Skyray XRF will save $810 per year.

I must reiterate that this was for one specific State.  If you are considering adding lead testing technology then you should contact your States health department to learn more about the licensing requirements they have in place.  Feel free to contact a Skyray XRF Sales Associate to discuss your State requirements and interest in Handheld Analyzers.


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