Skyray XRF Instruments

Skyray XRF offers a cost-effective line of energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) instruments to meet a variety of application needs.  We provide a New Choice for XRF Technology throughout Canada, The United States and Mexico.  The XRF instruments are designed for budget-minded organizations that demand high-performance and value -- universal throughout the x-ray line is durability, speed and ease-of-use with repeatable and accurate results. 

At this website we feature the most popular instruments for the most common applications.  However, Skyray XRF has many additional unit options available - so please contact us to discuss your testing needs and the Skyray XRF that will most efficiently meet them.  (all xrf analyzers come standard with appropriate computer; using Windows for report and record tracking)


Lowest Priced XRF


Lowest Cost XRF Analyzer
This Proportional Counter system is priced lower than some used XRF instruments!

Most Popular: Coating Thickness Measurements
A compact x-ray fluorescence model that is simple to use and very budget friendly



The Pocket-III: Take The Laboratory with You
No limit to sample size, shape or location with Hand Held Portable XRF Analysis.

Most Popular: Most Mobile Analysis Needs
Used on the line and out of the laboratory for fast pass/fail screening of product for RoHS testing.  Also used in geological applications and determining lead content in paint

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Thick-800: Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Quality Control Unit
This model was designed for PCB testing, providing accuracte and fast 
multi-layer coating thickness and RoHS (lead content) testing soluttions.

Most Popular: PCB Quality Control
The chamber design offers a sliding door that allows any size circuit board 
or electronic components to be tested.


Precious Metal Analyzer


EDX-3000: Budget Friendly Analysis Equipment
Compact and efficient design, this is one of the most popular Skyray XRF models

Most Popular: Precious Metals Analysis
Used in alloy verification, gold karat analysis, determining unknowns and much more.
The most economical option for its performance level

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RoHS Testing Equipment


EDX-2800: Great for Lead Content Detection - and so much more...
Provides fast, accurate and repeatable analysis for a wide range of applications.

Most Popular: Hazardous Substance Analysis
It provides accurate detection of lead, cadmium and all RoHS related 
elements with a large chamber for product


Analytical Laboratory Equipment


The widest elemental detection range
Comes with a vacuum chamber for light elements and is an overall top performer

Most Popular: Independent Analytical Laboratories
The greatest application versatility along with the widest range of elements

XRF with Sample Changer


EDX-6000B: UHRD Detector System and Turret Stage
Offers a 10-Piece Sample Changer to limit your time working over the instrument

Most Popular: Independent Analytical Laboratories
Wide range of applications and elements detection; plus time saving turret stage

Skyray XRF has many additional unit options available:
          * Review different technologies (ICP, WDXRF, GC Spectro, etc)
...so please
contact us to discuss your testing needs and the Skyray XRF that will most efficiently meet them