XRF Applications / Common Uses

Skyray XRF: x-ray fluorescence applications image

Skyray XRF provides non-destructive testing solutions for a wide range of applications over a variety of industries.  The applications section provides overviews of some of the more common applications and suggests Skyray XRF instruments that should be considered for fast, accurate and repeatable results.

For an overview of the various applications and which Skyray XRF Analyzers are the best options for that application; please review our 'Application Chart' (linked here).  If you have an application outside of the common needs; please contact the Skyray XRF Instrument Sales Team to discuss further.


Jewelry Industry Applications and Precious Metals Analysis
          Gold Karat Analysis
          Alloy Verification / Identification
          Plating Thickness of Jewelry Coatings
          Lead-Content in Jewelry

Hazardous Substance Detection
          Children Toys; lead in paint
          Jewelry Testing; Proposition-65 and lead-free initiatives
          Electronic Components; RoHS and lead-free regulations
          Packaging Industry; Toxics in Packaging Law

Identification of an Unknown
          Recycling Industry; scrap metal analysis

Coating Thickness Measurements

Printed Circuit Board Quality Control

Mining and Environmental Uses

Cement Industry

Not interested in the above uses? 
Contact Skyray XRF to discuss your interest and the best non-destructive XRF to meet your needs.