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Skyray XRF Adds "Virtual Demonstration" to Website

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Jeff Henseler / Marketing Manager
Ph: 716-201-1118
Em: jeff@skyrayxrf.com

"Virtual Demonstration" Added to Skyray XRF (USA) Website

Cyberspace (www.skyrayxrf.com) - While x-ray fluorescence analyzers (XRF) offer a relatively simple-to-use solution to metals analysis, requiring only a basic understanding of computers to get started, many people don't have experience with the technology.  For those people, Skyray XRF (USA) has made a 'virtual demonstration' avialable at the www.skyrayxrf.com website.  The presentation includes an overview of XRF Technolgoy, benefits of the systems and a brief demonstration on how to add calibrations and take measurements.

The presentation features the EDX-3000; the most popular desktop analyzer available from Skyray XRF (USA).  While the demonstration focuses on precious metal analysis (and features the newest software developments); the concepts and procedures are similar for most applications.

The "Virtual XRF Demonstration" can be reviewed here - feel free to contact Skyray XRF's sales team at 716-201-1118 to discuss the presentation or your interest in the low-cost, high performance x-ray fluorescence options available from Skyray XRF.