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Handheld XRF Update: released in USA, Mexico and Canada

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Scott Kramer / Director of Sales and Marketing
Em: sales@skyrayxrf.com
Ph: 716-201-1118

UPDATE: Handheld XRF Released to USA, Mexico and Canada Through Skyray XRF


Seaford, DE - Updating the story from October 9th, 2008; regarding the redesign of handheld XRF analyzers available from Skyray Instrument; the newest version of handheld XRF (The Pocket-III) is now available in the North American market through Skyray XRF (USA).  This lighter weight handheld analyzer has advanced from previous versions and offers a mobile solution for analysis of soils, merchandise product and metals for a variety of applications (lead content, alloy identification, elemental analysis).

An overview of the newest handheld system can be reviewed on the Pocket-III product page; with an additional overview of the software that is utilized through a removable PDA.  Contact Skyray XRF (USA) at 716-201-1118 to discuss this new instrument and your need for portable XRF technology.