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New XRF Units Unveiled at MJSA Jewelry Expo

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Contact: Jeff Henseler / Marketing Mgr
Phone: 716-201-1118

Skyray XRF will Introduce Instruments at MJSA Jewelry Expo

New York City, NY - Skyray XRF will introduce two x-ray fluorescence (XRF) instruments designed for the needs of the jewelry industry at the 2008 MJSA Expo (New York City, April 13-15). The instruments that Skyray XRF will introduce at booth 221 are the EDX-2800 and EDX-3000. Both units are low-cost alternatives for performing non-destructive karat analysis, plating thickness measurements, alloy testing and bulk analysis. 
The EDX-2800 will also provide users with the ability to test for hazardous substances (lead, cadmium, etc) that are affecting jewelry retailers, importers and contract manufacturers. Hazardous substances in retail products create a health risk for consumers and many states are developing policies to insure that contaminants do not exceed hazardous levels.  These regulations are creating a need for hazardous substance testing throughout the jewelry industry.
The new equipment will be available for demonstration and review throughout the MJSA Expo at the Skyray XRF booth (221). For a demonstration specific to your organizations testing need, please contact Jeff Henseler (716-201-1118) prior to the show to schedule a demonstration time.
Skyray XRF is the North American representative of Skyray Instrument, Inc, a leader in XRF manufacturing and technology. Additional information about the Skyray XRF product line can be found at www.skyrayxrf.com. Skyray XRF will be exhibiting at the MJSA Expo booth 221 (April 13th – 15th in New York City).