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Why Choose Skyray XRF Instruments?

The Difference Skyray XRF Instruments Offers…


Sure Skyray Instruments are low cost, but here are a few more instrument benefits...

Most Convenient Computer System
: Many XRF instruments utilize interface cards on a built-in computer because they have old stock; not because they want to offer the best capability. If the computer fails on these models you could be looking at a costly repair bill.  However, with the Skyray XRF computer system, you receive (at no charge):
          -  USB Interface; one chord to plug in and start up
          -  No special cards or computer to purchase or worry about
          -  If, for some reason, a Skyray XRF computer needs to be replaced we simply ship out another computer
          -  The ability to analyze results in either Microsoft XP or Vista

Skyray XRF offers both handheld and desktop systems
: Since we offer both types of XRF Instruments we will offer you the best solution for your application, not what we have available.

Components and Costs
: Because of the volume that Skyray Instrument does, the best pricing on top components sourced from around the world (primarily USA, Germany and Japan) is available and our cost savings become your cost savings.

Software Benefits
: With experience and knowledge gained over years in the XRF industry, Skyray XRF offers user friendly software that has simple to follow step-by-step operation.  Generally, users only require basic computer knowledge and a short amount of training to gain the results they require.

 ...only Skyray XRF instruments will offer high performance 
that is convenient to utilize at the prices that we are able to offer.


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