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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The newest addition to the Skyray XRF analyzer line-up is the EDX-6000B.  This unit is unique to our line for two reasons - first, it utilizes a UHRD Detection System; which allows it to offer the best resolution and therefore performance of any XRF Analyzer.  Second is the sample changer feature; which has slots for ten-samples to be placed and run with the press of a button (it's also the reason for this entry).

XRF Sample Changer

The Samples Changer is a huge time saving benefit to laboratories as a user can program the system for an application, load ten samples and walk away while measurements are made.  Assuming 100 seconds per measurement, this feature will allow the user over 16 minuntes away from the XRF to do other tasks.

Because of the time saving benefits, this unit is also being reviewed by refiners and buyers of scrap gold.  The time savings is a huge benefit to them but they can also benefit from the UHRD detection system; which will provide them with the highest accuracy on gold and precious metals to increase their return on investment.

An overview of the sample changer benefits:
-  Ten (10) samples loaded at one time
-  Simple, convenient and timesaving
-  A large quantity of samples can be analyzed automatically without manual operation
-  Convenient for sample loading with large spacing
-  Provides the solution for solid, liquid and powder analysis (tablet forming, ore slurry, etc)

At Skyray XRF, we are excited to finally be able to offer a sample changer in a high performing XRF Analyzer.  Contact us if you are excited too.


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