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Precious Metal Refining and Recycling

Precious Metals are…any of several rare metallic elements of high economic value. 

The most commonly mentioned precious metals are gold (Au) and silver (Ag).  Platinum (Pt) and palladium (Pd) are also common precious metals and are included in the platinum group metals with the lesser known precious metals of ruthenium, rhodium, osmium and iridium.  These rare, precious, metals are less reactive than most elements and are higher in luster, softer, highly resistant to corrosion and have higher melting points than other metals.

Precious metals are utilized in some industrial applications but are best known for their use in jewelry. Because of their ‘high economic value’ (that continues to rise), the recycling of precious metals has become extremely important and accurate methods of testing are critical because having a reading that even slightly varies from the true value can be costly.


Gold Scrap Jewelry

Silver Scrap Jewelry


Precious Metal Refiners and Recyclers 
Fire assay is a popular method to obtain accurate results, but is also a very costly and time consuming process.  

Organizations that require fast analysis of materials often turn to x-ray fluorescence analyzers – a relatively inexpensive method of determining unknown constituents in metals, XRF is utilized by precious metal recyclers and refiners to quickly test and determine the amount of recoverable precious metals in scrap materials.  XRF analyzers also offer the benefit of being a non-destructive testing method.


Skyray XRF offers several options for precious metal refiners and recyclers for fast analysis of scrap to determine the accurate amount of gold, silver and platinum group metals.  The most popular instruments are:

RoHS Analyzers
Desktop XRF Analyzer
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Handheld XRF
The Pocket
Portable XRF Analyzer
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