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The Pocket-III: portable xrf technology

Take the laboratory with you by utilizing the handheld Pocket-III from Skyray XRF.
This portable x-ray technology was designed for comfort, durability and accuracy in measurement.
News Release (Apr-09): XRF Rental Programs Available for Pocket-III 

 Handheld XRF Analyzer






 Video Overview Can be reviewed here

Handheld XRF application


Most Popular for: 
Hazardous Substance Testing
          Various regulations include RoHS, CPSIA, etc
          Reads below the required ppm levels
          Affect multiple industries; jewelry, toy, packaging, etc

Additional Uses:
          Analysis of Paint for contaminents
          Alloy Verification
                      determine steel grades, copper and aluminum alloys
          Geological/Mining Applications
          Sorting Scrap Metals
          On-Line Testing: Quality Control, incoming/outgoing inspections
          Environmental (lead in soil, etc)

Handheld XRF testing steel tube

 Software Configurations (contact for single element interest)
          P330 for Hazardous Substance Detection
          P530 for Alloy/Steel Verification
          P730 for Mineral and Geological Testing
          P930 for Precious Metals Analysis

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