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Two New XRF Analyzers Introduced

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Contact: Jeff Henseler/Marketing Manager
Phone: 716-201-1118

 Two New Instruments Offer Portable Analysis and Multi-Sample Testing

Seaford, DE - Still offering "The New Choice in XRF Technology" Skyray XRF continues to add to its versatile and reliable instrument line.  Two new XRF models; the EDX-6000B and EDX-660, have recently been approved for release to Canada, United States and Mexico.


The EDX-6000B features a turret stage system for automatic analysis of up to sixteen (16) samples (also available without as the EDX-6000).  This feature increases the efficiency of a laboratory testing multiple samples since the technician can insert samples once, start the instrument and leave it to analyze as required.  The new instrument comes with a vacuum chamber for light elements analysis and an Ultra-High Resolution Detection System (UHRD) for increased resolution.  Skyray XRF are excited to offer this compact tool that will be the solution for a number of applications.


The second new unit available is a portable XRF analyzer that performs with the accuracy of a benchtop system.  The EDX-660 features a micro-system that is housed within a travel case featuring wheels and a handle similar to common luggage.  The case holds both the XRF chamber and a micro-computer.  The mobile unit was designed as a mining analyzer but offers a wide range of elemental analysis.  Two variations on the unit are offered; the EDX-660 features a proportional counter detector tube while the EDX-660P offers the increased capabilities of a PIN-Diode detection system.


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