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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Skyray XRF Instruments receives many calls and emails each day from organizations interested in XRF.  The contacts have a need but don't always know which system, or systems, are the best for them to consider.  Our XRF Sales Team is always happy to discuss the options but for visitors that don't want to talk or are searching the site at odd times; we have added a new tool to the Skyray XRF website

The Best-Fit-XRF Chart lists many of the common testing needs that users have and notes the instruments that may be the best solution.  The chart can be reviewed here and we hope that it allows visitors to review the available options and then contact our sales staff to discuss further.  Of course, not all applications can be listed or you may not have time to review the web-pages; so please feel free to continue to call or email Skyray XRF for quotations, spec-sheets and support in your decision process.

Skyray XRF values your time; we hope the new chart helps to streamline your XRF Analyzer search -

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