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Newest Handheld XRF Analyzer to be Released Soon

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jeff Henseler / Marketing Manager
Ph: 716-201-1118

Newest Handheld XRF in Final Testing Before North American Release


Seaford, DE - Skyray Instrument is continually improving upon its already high performing line of x-ray fluorescence instruments.  The latest developments were in the evolution of the handheld XRF analyzer line; The Pocket-line.  The third generation of the portable XRF system (to be known as The Pocket-III) is in the final stages of testing and inspection before its release to the United States, Canada and Mexico.


Minor developments will increase the overall performance of the previously well-received portable devices.  The latest version of handheld analyzer from Skyray XRF will offer increased functionality, including:


While the functionality changes require use of the machine to realize the differences, the overall design changes are easily seen.  The research and development team searched for a lighter body frame material; which is as durable as previous models but offers a much lighter overall package.  The instrument design and build has resulted in a very ergonomic machine that is easy to hold during measurements.


Slight developments have been made to the software, but the handheld XRF system will still utilize Bluetooth technology and a removable PDA; results can be easily moved to a desktop CPU for long term storage and analysis.  The newest release in the Pocket line will continue to provide accurate grade identification of steel, alloy verification, lead detection and geological analysis among other popular uses.



The official release date will be announced after the final inspection and review of The Pocket-III is completed.  To receive an update on the release date, please contact us or visit the Skyray XRF website frequently.