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EDX-660: mobile desktop xrf analyzer

More information and details on this Mobile XRF Analyzer will be available soon...
In the meantime, contact Skyray XRF (USA) for information.
This page is an overview of our Portable Desktop...please visit this page for information on our Handheld XRF

 Portable XRF Analyzer


EDX-660 and EDX-660P Features:
-  Portability with the performance of a bench-top analyzer
        * durable outside case with wheels and collapsible handle
- Two Detector Tube Options:
        * EDX-660 : Proportional Counter Detector Tube
        * EDX-660P : PIN-Diode Detector System
- Easy to wheel from location to location; weighing under twenty (20) lbs
- Analysis of a wide range of sample materials (powder, liquids, etc)
- Common Applications: 
   Full Precious Metal Identification; scrap jewelry, soil, etc
   On-Site Mining Analysis and Soil Testing


 XRF for Mobile Testing
Mobile Bench-Top

Portable Desktop - XRF Analyzer in Carrying Case