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Friday, April 25, 2008

Skyray XRF was pleased to be part of the successful MJSA Expo in New York City.  


The MJSA exposition ran from Sunday,  April 13th through Tuesday, the 15th.  At the show, Skyray XRF representatives had the opportunity to demonstrate two x-ray units that were designed for the jewelry industry - the EDX-2800 and EDX-3000. 


Our representatives met many attendees from a wide range of industry roles; including manufacturers, refiners, retailers and distributors.  The fact that both units perform a variety of jewelry and precious metals analysis made them of interest to most that visited our booth.  Both units can perform gold karat analysis, alloy verification, coating thickness measurements and lead-content detection.  Representatives noticed that lead content analysis was a "hot topic" because of the increase in states regulating levels of hazardous substances (lead, cadmium, etc) in costume jewelry and body piercing (California's Proposition-65 is one of the well known legislations).


Skyray XRF did offer an MJSA Show Special, which interested a few attendees enough to move forward with purchasing the equipment.  We were happy to provide the special offer but know that the speed, precision and accuracy of the Skyray XRF instruments when compared to the competition is what truly interested the organizations.  For those that moved forward and for any attendee that stopped by to learn more about Skyray XRF and our product line - THANK YOU.  If you were unable to attend the MJSA-2008, please contact Skyray XRF to discuss when you can see the x-ray equipment in the future.


We look forward to seeing you all next year and working with you on your application needs this year!

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