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Test for Lead in Cosmetics

Lead-Free CosmeticsLead in Cosmetics?  As mentioned in related pages on the Skyray XRF website, lead is a potent neurotoxin and linked to numerous health and reproductive problems.  Laboratory tests that were initiated by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found that some of the top lipstick brands contained lead.  While the amounts found in one cosmetic product alone probably aren't enough to do harm, the risk does add up through repeat exposure.  Since the test results were released several politicians and organizations have approached the FDA demanding action to protect consumers and at this time some individual states are taking action to limit toxins in cosmetics.


Corporate Pledges:  Many manufacturers and retailers have pledged not to sell or distribute cosmetic products that contain chemicals known to increase the risk of health problems.  How do they know their products are safe?  It is possible to test cosmetic products with x-ray fluorescence instruments...desktop XRF Analyzers like the EDX-3000 from Skyray XRF are able to test solid, liquid and powders and detect the level of hazardous materials present.  XRF offers a non-destructive and fast screening tool with simple to use software that is accurate to parts per million levels.

Manufacturers, retailers and distributors of cosmetics that take control over hazardous substance testing will protect consumers while actually increasing business at the same time.  By showing that a product line is lead-free an organization can open doors to new markets and have an advantage over the competition.

What Skyray XRF is recommended?

EDX-3000 will test for Lead in Cosmetics
The EDX-3000 from Skyray XRF accurately detects 
hazardous substances in powder, liquid and solid materials.



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