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Monday, August 9, 2010

Since its introduction, the Pocket-III handheld analyzer from Skyray XRF has provided an economical solution for a wide range of testing needs. The system can be offered at one of the lower price points for the technology because Skyray XRF has developed a single system with interchangeable software packages to meet the various testing needs of different end-users.
The primary software packages are for hazardous substance testing (RoHS, CPSIA regulations), precious metals analysis and mineral/geological applications. To differentiate between software and packages; the following identifying tags will now be utilized:
            P330 for Hazardous Substances
            P530 for Alloy/Steel Verification
            P730 for Mineral
            P930 for Precious Metals
Additional modifications can be made to each software packages to make a testing solution customized to the end-users needs. This is beneficial for single elemental analysis (lead only with P330 or gold only with P930) and costs for portable x-ray fluorescence can be limited even further.
Contact the Skyray XRF sales office for details on the various packages and to discuss what configuration is the best solution for your testing needs.

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