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Monday, April 6, 2009

Return on Investment: Avoid Fools Gold with the EDX-600

An interesting thing happened during a recent installation of an EDX-600 Gold Tester at a customer in Michigan. The Skyray XRF user is a buyer of scrap jewelry and was receiving training on how to use our system to accurately identify gold purity at their store. 

During the installation, the customer was approached by a person trying to sell a large amount of “gold”.  I put Gold in quotes because it was really a variety of Brass jewelry, Gold coated Brass jewelry, etc; which our field technician quickly discovered by using the EDX-600 from Skyray XRF to run a quick gold purity test.
The Skyray XRF user told the person trying to sell the ‘gold’ that they wouldn’t be buying the scrap from them…saving the Skyray XRF user thousands of dollars they would have paid out (over $15k). According to our customer, people trying to sell Brass as Gold (and many other scams) is a growing problem for Michigan scrap jewelry buyers.
XRF Instruments are an investment in a business and in this case, Skyray XRF’s customers saw an immediate return on their investment…nearly paying for itself on the first day!


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