EDX-2800: RoHS testing, precious metals analysis and more

The EDX-2800 was developed for a wide range of uses and is one of the most versatile 
in the Skyray XRF product line. The unit is known to perform 
above average on hazardous substance detection and jewelry applications.

EDX-2800: Skyray XRF Instruments
Skyray XRF: EDX-2800

EDX-2800: Skyray XRF for RoHS, WEEE, Lead-Content
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Most Popular Use
Hazardous Substance Detection
          The solution for compliance to various regulations including RoHS, CPSIA, etc
          Regulations affect multiple industries (jewelry, toy, packaging, etc)
          The EDX-2800 from Skyray XRF offers an economical, in-house, testing solution
          Even if third party testing is being used; in-house screening offers back and protection

Also Used for:
Jewelry Industry and Precious Metals Analysis
          Quickly determine the percentage of gold and other precious metals in a sample
Coating Thickness Measurements 


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