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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Lead Screening Businesses Utilize Handheld XRF

With unemployment rising and CPSIA requirements heating up, Skyray XRF has noticed a number of people calling to consider starting lead screening businesses.  The plan is to utilize a Handheld XRF Analyzer to provide on-site screening of lead and other regulated substances.  The handheld (Pocket-III) is the most popular option because it does not have any limits to a samples size or location - plus, with the Skyray XRF version, it is a low-cost instrument.

Handheld XRF tests for leadThis blog entry comes after reading an article in a Wisconsin paper about two men that were laid off, but saw an opportunity as they realized the importance of lead testing to affected businesses and parents.  The article described how the two men (and their wives) purchased a handheld system and are providing screening services for parents, retail stores and distributors.  Also discussed was one idea I never heard of, companies opening store fronts that test product/toys for lead content.

The article also noted how some parents are joining their resources to rent handheld analyzers for a short period of time in order to test the toys that they have in their house.  Realizing that lead can cause serious long-term damage to children; they are taking the steps to insure safety.

At Skyray XRF, we have talked to many people with the same thoughts - either concerned parents trying to insure their childrens safety or entrepreneurial people looking to start a business while providing an important service to their community...and sometimes, both in one!

If you have started a similar business, let Skyray XRF know - or, contact us, if you are considering such a start-up (and good luck)!


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