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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The CPSC recently announced a 'stay of enforcement' on Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act regulations (CPSIA).   While this annoucement extends the period for certain testing requirements and certification of childrens products until February 2011 all childrens products must still meet the requirements for lead limits and other hazardous substances in products.  Certain goods must show compliance through third-party testing program but most product lines that must show compliant levels of toxic metals content in their goods have an option of utilizing x-ray fluorescence (XRF) to test their products in-house. 

While the CPSC currently utilizes handheld x-ray fluorescence systems for testing of goods; they are still reviewing the technology as a final proof of compliance for organizations affected by the CPSIA.  XRF Analyzers provide a number of benefits for organizations looking to show compliance; they are a nondestructive method of testing goods accurately, quickly and for much less (time, hassle, money) than third party testing.  In addition to the benefits the technology offers; Skyray XRF offers our low-cost handheld system (the Pocket-III) for purchase or in a variety of XRF rental options to limit the costs of a short-term end-user.

Third party testing is understandable for certain products and materials; however, XRF Analyzers have detection limits that exceed the requirements of the CPSIA.  With a deviation of only 1%-5% and lower limits under 10ppm; XRF should be considered for a perminant resolution to a companies compliance testing needs.  If an item, or component, shows lead levels that are too close to the limit then it can be sent out for further, destructive, testing.

Skyray XRF can provide the testing and screening solution for companies that need to show compliance now - and in the future.  Contact our XRF Sales Team today to discuss your organizations compliance needs and the various options we can suggest.


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