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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Febuary 10th Regulation Deadline Coming Soon 


Skyray XRF has been receiving many calls regarding the upcoming (2/10/09) regulations on hazardous substance content in childrens products.  The regulation will require proof of 'acceptable' levels of lead (600 parts-per-million or ppm) on that date and the acceptable amount will eventually be under 100ppm.  As noted in other sections of the Skyray XRF website; our XRF Instruments are able to offer the ppm results required to prove compliance for toys, apparel, accesories, costume jewelry, etc that is being affected.


Recent updates, however, have put some worried retailers and manufacturers at ease...
A January 8th, 2009 release by the CPSC notes "
Sellers of used children’s products, such as thrift stores and consignment stores, are not required to certify that those products meet the new lead limits..."
Also, as noted by the MJSA (jewelry association) the proposed exemption to the regulation "...covers certain materials that "by their nature" contain little or no lead or risk of exposure and includes gold (at least 10 karat), sterling silver (at least 925/1000), platinum, palladium, rhodium, surgical steel, precious gems, most semi-precious gems, and natural and cultured pearls...". 


For the many manufacturers, importers and retailers that may still be affected by these regulations; Skyray XRF can offer low-cost options to meet the requirements.  Most popular is our newest Handheld XRF Instrument and the Third Party Testing Services offered by our sister company.


As the deadline nears, we will be keeping an eye on updates and passing information along through our XRF Blog; please contact us with any updates you have or any questions that we can help with!



(Skyray XRF is providing information only and makes no warranties or representations about specific dates, coverage, or application. Consult with appropriate legal counsel for the specific application of the law to your business and products.)

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