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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Consumer Reports Chooses X-Ray Fluorescence for Heavy Metals Screening

The magazine Consumer Reports published an article in its September 2010 issue that highlighted heavy metals in consumer goods.  The article acts as a 'spot check of the market place' and they cover topics such as "no clear standards for cadmium", "what's a chlidrens product" and "what stays on shelves".  In developing the article they test a variety of consumer goods using handheld x-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology; similar to the Pocket-III from Skyray XRF.

The report was summarized nicely in this article from SunHerald.com; beginning with "Consumer Reports' latest tests of 30 children's and household products found three items containing worrisome levels of heavy metals: A metal and rhinestone hair barrette with a high level of total cadmium, a cell-phone charm with lead levels so high it would be illegal if it were considered a children's product, and samples of a popular children's vinyl raincoat that were purchased in late 2009 and had parts that exceeded legal lead limits for children's products. The raincoat was reformulated and labeled "100 % lead free" and CR's tests of the newer version showed it contained only low or trace amounts of lead."

The fact that a reputable magazine such as Consumer Reports relies on Handheld XRF Analyzers for any CPSIA related testing needs is an excellent argument for the technology in an affected organizations screening process.  The CPSIA regulations affect importers, manufacturers, retailers and more - many are having third party testing completed but many others understand the extra layer of protection that x-ray fluorescence technology provides.

Contact a Skyray XRF Sales Associate to discuss your CPSIA related testing needs.

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