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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jeff Henseler / Marketing Manager
Ph: 716-201-1118

Newest Skyray XRF Release Provides Low-Cost Solution for Coating Thickness Measurements 


Seaford, DE - The newest instrument in the Skyray XRF product line-up is the Thick-800 XRF Analyzer.  Developed specifically for measuring plating thickness, the Thick-800 can provide measurements of single-layer, multi-layer, thin-film coatings and solders with composition.


Thick-800 for Coating ThicknessThe Thick-800 XRF Instrument from Skyray XRF is the first unit in the product line-up to feature a top-down measurement system.  This style allows for a sample stage with three-dimensional movement; with the press of a button the sample can move from point to point on a sample or up and down if needed.  The top-down measurment system also allowed Skyray XRF to offer a three-sided chamber door so that users can measure smaller samples with the door closed (chamber size of 20"x14"x5") or open the door to create a 'slotted chamber' and fit larger samples or printed circuit boards.


This system utilizes an electro-cooled Silicon-PIN semiconductor detection system (or optional proportional counter system), which offers a resolution of 149-160eV and does not require Liquid Nitrogen (LN2).  To insure sample alignment accuracy, the Thick-800 was developed with a color-camera sample viewing system and double-laser position technology.  Many organizations that utilize XRF for coating thickness measurements look to reconditioned instruments to limit costs, but the low-cost Thick-800 from Skyray RF allows a company with virtually any budget size to utilize the newest, and most reliable, technology.


Review the Thick-800 instrument page or contact Skyray XRF for additional information.