XRF Accuracy : using high-quality calibration standards

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Improving XRF Accuracy : utilizing calibration standards

Throughout the Skyray XRF website we note that our x-ray fluorescence instruments are accurate for coating thickness, precious metals analysis, lead detection, etc. We realize that accurate results are what our customers want – and that is what our instruments provide. However, accuracy can be increased for any XRF model by realizing that a number of variables can affect an XRF units performance…some variables include tube power, the collimator size used and measurement time.

One of the frequently overlooked factors in obtaining the highest accuracy from an XRF Instrument is having accurate calibration (or reference) standards. By simply having known standards created for whatever your application is (and utilizing them properly), you will be able to increase the accuracy of your instrument. 
Our EDX-3000 and EDX-2800 instruments are very popular with companies in the precious metals industry and are commonly used for identifying scrap jewelry and other unknown metals. With the high prices of precious metals; inaccurate results can cost a company large profits – a simple way of obtaining increased accuracy from an XRF is utilizing high-quality standards. It’s as easy as getting fire assays completed on samples or contacting Skyray XRF for known reference standards (such as our new series of Gold Karat Standards). With quality standards an XRF user will have accurate knowledge of all the constituents and, when following proper procedures, can then match their unknown sample as accurately as possible.
X-ray Fluorescence instruments were designed as measurement devices. However, through innovation, software development, appropriate use and being aware of controllable variables XRF can provide accuracy that is required for a wide range of applications – including determining unknown metals. 
Skyray XRF works with companies that choose our instruments to insure accurate results. We recently began offering individual and sets of Gold Purity Standards (10k to 22k of yellow gold and white gold). Review the news release here or contact us for information.

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reynaldo serrano (  May 01, 2009

our company jtc mining and mineras co. agusan del sur, philippines is in need of a gold mining instrument for on site assaying ordirect mine assaying for fast analyzing ores.

Anil (  May 01, 2009

howfar EDX 3000 is capable of detecting PGMs and upto what concentration? Are there any reference standards available for PGMs detection by XRF- especially EDX 3000?

Senthil (  September 14, 2009

how to calibrate edx-3600.and how to upgrade sky ray instruments.

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