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Scrap Metals Analysis and Alloy Identification

Skyray XRF provides non-destructive XRF Analyzers that are the solutions for a wide range of applications, including metal and alloy identification. Below is a brief overview of this application.  Please review our website for additional applications can be reviewed here and additional XRF Instruments.

Two of the best Skyray XRF options for scrap material identification:

The Pocket-III
Mobile, accurate and fast analysis
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XRF for light elements
Widest range of elements available
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News Update: new version of alloy verification software available for the Pocket-III handheld system

What are the benefits of an alloy?  
Recyclers sort mixed-metal scraps into product-specific categories based on the alloy of the scrap metal.   An alloy is a mixture of two or more elements in which the main component is a metal and the end result has metallic properties. Common examples of alloys are steel (iron and carbon), brass (copper and zinc), bronze (copper and tin) and various gold alloys (see gold karat analysis).   There is a long list of alloys (one source states over 50,000 different metal combinations) many of which can be identifyed quickly and non-destructively with XRF Analzyers.


What is generally tested for?
Through specific combinations of metals and other elements, the resulting metals properties are enhanced from the originals. Different alloys offer different benefits; including increased hardness and strength, more/less conductivity, more resistance to corrosion or more desirable color and luster. These more desirable characteristics meet the needs of a wide range of applications and proper identification is important in seperating materials with those characterstics.
The Pocket-III Handheld XRF from Skyray XRF can accurately identify:

-          Tool steels
-          Stainless steel
-          Heat resistant steel
-          Middle-low alloy steel
-          Copper alloy
-          Aluminum alloy


Why the need for positive alloy identification?
Analyzing metals non-destructively (with Skyray XRF) allows a business to insure a consistent product is being delivered and increase end-user satisfaction. That means increased business and profits in the long run and is critical to a businesses success.

Skyray XRF provides both Portable XRFand Desktop XRF options that quickly analyze alloy composition for jewelry applications, scrap metal analysis, nuclear and petrochemical industries, primary and secondary manufacturing needs.


Why is x-ray fluorescence utilized?
Previous to XRFinstruments, recyclers used a combination of chemical analysis and historical knowledge to sort metals to the best of their ability. This approach, however, was timely and relied too heavily on a person's history in the field.

With the introduction of XRF recyclers now enjoy a higher degree of accuracy and faster determination of metal alloys - and, with the recent innovation of hand held portable XRF analyzers a recycler can have lab quality results in the palm of their hand - regardless of a samples size, shape or location.


 Fast Fact:
The famous OSCAR statuette is made from the alloy Britannium 
and is then plated in copper, nickel, silver, and finally, 24-karat gold.

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