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Skyray XRF Host Meeting on Shoe Material Analysis

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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XRF Technology Exchange Meeting on Applications in Shoe Material and Leather Industry

On September 27th, an XRF Technology Exchange Meeting was sponsored by Skyray Instrument and held at the main headquarters of the X-ray Fluorescence Manufacturing Organization.  Hundreds of participants from the shoe and leather industry attended to learn more about the new regulations of European textile shoe products and ED-XRF technology solutions for them.  Skyray Instrument and industry specialists shared experience and knowledge with attendees.

Recently, many regulations have been that affect shoe and leather goods manufacturers/importers.  In early 2011 new requirements to Cadmium and Phthalic Acid Sales (DEHP, DBP, BBP) in clothing, shoes and other fashion goods were put forward in California Proposition 65.  Also, the CPSC held discussions on the possibility of reducing lead content requirements to 100ppm in base materials and the feasability of applying x-ray fluorescence technology to this testing.  At the same time, European chemcials administration proposed to list seven kinds of carcinogenic or reproductive toxicity chemicals on Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) and materials may need to be authorized before using; this will account to fifty three kinds.

The Quality Control Director from a major North American shoe manufacturer presided over this exchange meeting and lectured on the topic of shoe material quality control.  The industry expert said that testing of hazardous elements became more and more inportant in the United States and Eurpean market with increasingly strict regulations being proposed for shoe materials.

A Skyray associate detailed XRF applications in shoe materials testing, pointing out that the technology features rapid, nondestructive and accurate analysis; which has been widely applied in shoe materials testing.  Several Skyray systems can be used for shoe materials testing and all of them fit into the EU and US regulations.  The EDX-2800 is specifically designed for hazardous substance analysis, identifying cadmium, lead, mercury, chromium, etc.  While the LC-310 high performance liquid chromatography can be used to detect phthalic acid sale, five chlorine phenol, PAH and other harmful elements in leather.

The meeting was beneficial to the attendees and Skyray XRF is pleased to represent the solutions that Skyray Instrument offers as they provide a strong knowledge base in addition to top performing instruments.  Contact a Skyray XRF associate to discuss your interest in quantification of hazardous substances in shoe materials, leather goods or any other consumer product.