Comparing XRF and other Analysis Methods

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One of the most powerful X-ray Fluorescence Analyzers in the Skyray XRF Instrument line-up is the EDX-3600B.  This system is a top performer for a variety of application needs; including alloy verification, cement analysis and more, because of its high resolution detection systemThe UHRD is very similar in design and performance to the Silicon Drift Detection systems (SDD) that are growing in popularity.

While reviewing some information on Skyray XRF distributor websites, I found the following chart that compares the EDX-3600B Analyzer to other analysis methods.  Many of the advantages pointed out regarding the EDX-3600B would be similar for all Skyray XRF instruments.  It is the technological benefits of x-ray fluorescence that is truly highlighted with this chart - nondestructive, fast and accurate analysis for a great value.

The difference between 
X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) and Traditional Chemical Methods
Traditional chemical method
EDX3600 family XRF
Slow, 10 ~ 30 min.
Quick, 1 ~ 5min.



Analytical result



Greatly influenced by operator, poor repeatability



No operator’s influence, high precision and repeatability



Labor intensity






Low, most done automatically



Elements analyzed



Only one element at a time



Multiple elements at a time



Chemical relativity



Analysis method varies with different sample chemical property



Pure physical method, no relativity with sample chemical property












Skill requirement



High, long-time training



Low, simple training


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