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XRF Analyzers Have Good 2009; Ready for Great 2010

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Skyray XRF Sales Team

Skyray XRF Instruments Ready to Continue Strong Performance in New Year

New York (www.skyrayxrf.com) - With the New Year comes a time to reflect on the old year...looking back for Skyray XRF it was a very good one too.  While being relatively new to the x-ray fluorescence market in North America; we had some successes both within our organization and outside of it with the end-users.

Within Skyray XRF in 2009 we committed to improving after-installation service and support.  Now, working with a nationwide team of experts in x-ray fluorescence, we are able to stand by our analyzers and insure that the end-user understands the technology and its capabilities.  We were also able to streamline our processes and limit our costs for certain analyzers...by limiting our costs, we can limit the end-users costs and our pricing has been lowered across the instrument line

Outside of (or because of) our internal improvements we were able to have some success in getting our system into the hands of people that needed XRF testing capabilities.  The popular Handheld XRF Rental Program was an excellent program that has allowed organizations with limited budgets to use the technology for short-term testing needs.  That Handheld XRF Analyzer (Pocket-III) was our second most popular system as it provides the hazardous substance detection solution critical for RoHS and CPSIA regulation compliance.  The most popular analyzer, however, was the EDX-600...this low-cost gold testing instrument provides fast, accurate assay of jewelry for gold content.  With the increase of gold prices and the increase in gold-buyers; this unit was the solution for serious buyers.

At Skyray XRF we will continue to improve within and hope to help you and your organization improve as well; with accurate, nondestructive testing solutions that allow you to meet your goals...thanks for a great year and we look forward to looking back next year!