Skyray XRF Testimonial - EDX-600 Performance, Service

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Friday, February 19, 2010

For almost two years, the sales and service team of Skyray XRF have been working to spread the word about our x-ray fluorescence analyzers and approach to customer service.  We have added many satisfied customers over that time and we will be collecting testimonials and thoughts on our approach; here is one...

Michigan Gold Buyer; worked with other suppliers on the EDX-600 before finding Skyray XRF: "After working with other Skyray contacts I found the support staff of Skyray XRF to be more experienced with x-ray fluorescence and able to provide the technical support we needed.  The EDX-600 offered the low-cost gold testing option that we wanted and we have been satisfied with Skyray XRF and the two systems that we have been using"

Skyray XRF is different than other XRF Sales companies.  We pride ourselves on the after-installation support that we provide - we truly "don't work for the sale...we work for the customer".  Read about the differences at the Skyray XRF Difference page of our website; contact the Skyray XRF Support Staff with service needs or questions.


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