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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Benefits of RoHS to Affected Companies...


I was recently reading an article on purchasing.com about how RoHS regulations may have benefited the environment since taking effect.  It was an interesting article that referenced a survey that I found worth noting in the Skyray XRF Blog


The survey asked companies in industries that have been affected by Restrictions on Hazardous Substances and similar legislations what advantages, if any, RoHS had provided to their organization.  According to the purchasing.com article almost half of the companies surveyed said there was at least one advantage or positive resulting from the regulations


The top advantages referred to were:
-  Nearly 25% said an advantage was the company improved its supply chain process
-  Almost 20% said RoHS created the need to reduce the number of products
-  A full 15% said their company gained market share because of RoHS


Skyray XRF instruments are offered to help achieve the last one, gaining market share.  Organizations that want to prove compliance to their potential customers choose between sending product our for compliance or taking in-house control with, most frequently, non-destructive x-ray fluorescence equipment.


While sending product out has many advantages and we understand why some may choose that approach; in-house testing of products for compliance offer a number of benefits.  Avoiding the costs, turn-around delays and overall hassle of sending product to outsourced testing facilities can help create a more efficient production process.  With accurate Portable XRF and Desktop XRF an organization can show compliance; increasing market share and business while competitors either aren't showing compliance or are spending money and time sending product to outside facilities for testing.


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