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Lowest Priced XRF Introduced

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Contact: Jeff Henseler/Marketing Manager
Phone: 716-201-1118

 Newest XRF is the Lowest Priced Option


Seaford, DE - Already offering low-cost options for precious metals analysis and coating thickness measurements, Skyray XRF has introduced the lowest priced option - the EDX-600.  The newest addition to the instrument line-up offers users a cost-effective testing option that is also space effective; as it is the smallest instrument offered (other than the portable Pocket). 


The EDX-600 is the solution to budget-minded organizations that require accurate analysis of precious metals or fast measurements of plating thicknesses.  While the unit was designed with cost in mind, the accuracy remained most important and it utilizes a proportional detection system (no LN2 required) with a high-powered x-ray tube.  Additional information on the EDX-600 can be reviewed at the Skyray XRF websites instrument page.


Additional units are available to perform the same applications as the EDX-600 plus additional applications.   Contact Skyray XRF to discuss your testing needs and the best Skyray XRF to solve them at 716-201-1118.